Thursday, August 7, 2008

Passing the Torch

The New York Times has a very interesting interactive article dedicated to the evolution of the Olympic torch. Every city that hosts the Olympics is expected to design a unique logo, a signature building, as well as torch to represent the local tradition and national character.

The red curve of the 2008 Beijing torch is inspired by the shape of a traditional Chinese scroll. The swirling graphics are meant to evoke the phoenix--a key totem of the games and "clouds of promise." ••••


Andres said...

My favorite??? The one for 2016... because The Crew will design that one.

Sarah said...

Interesting link- thanks! The torch is meant to commemorate Prometheus stealing fire from Zeus. In the '36 Summer Olympics the torch relay was reintroduced from the ancient games under the Nazi regime as a propaganda tool. Bummer.