Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not Your Average Road Kill

When you think of road kill you generally think of bloody mashed animal carcasses, correct? (Nice image, I know.) Well, let me introduce you to some more, shall we say, desirable road kill: The Recycled Dead. The Recycled Dead is a collection of jewelry from the fantastically artsy pair Christopher and Whitney. Combining "their love for fine art, taxidermy, and couture fashion" the pair have created a truly inspired collection using objects such as teeth, bones, claws and feathers. Despite the seemingly dark and edgy content, the jewelry is extremely delicate and lovely. Also, the photography used to showcase their work is beautiful in its own right. ••••

1 comment:

Sarah Martin said...

beautiful pieces, yes.

the name...recycled roadkill? very slience of lambs.