Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stop and Shop? Is that you?

I want to know what everyone thinks about this change. A couple of weeks ago I noticed some exceptionally snazzy commercials for Stop and Shop. Semicircles flailing around, creating shapes of items that I indeed want to purchase at a low price (fruit) and things I like (smiling faces?). To me, this is a logo for an overpriced boutique fruit stand where a pear can probably run about $3.00. I don't like it. The colorway belongs at DisneyWorld. Get it out of here. My bitterness also stems from my affinity for the old logo. I think they could have gone a million different ways working with the red and green circles and the stoplight story. Sure the type is a little clumsy, but that is totally fixable! What I really want to know is, what do you think? ••••


Sarah Martin said...

I just feel like I have seen that color palette a lot lately, but I can't put my finger on it.

Meghan, I don't think its as terrible as you say, but they really did move away form the whole STOP and SHOP concept.

sarahheartsdesign said...

I'm not a big fan of either...looks like an identity CRISIS. What do I do now? The type says Stop and Shop but the logo says...bird of paradise? Why yes, I would like to go on a vacation now.

I will say though, I went to Stop and Shop a couple of weeks ago and was impressed with the renovations, selection of goods and the prices! They have really good bakery cookies...mmmm.

Tess Mattern said...

I am neither wildly offended or madly in love— but if I were the designer I wouldn't be thrilled with a response of "indifferent."

I don't know, Meghan has a point. Stop and Shop. Stoplight— duh. But at least it's going to be unique from other supermarkets, and it makes good sense. The redesign is kind of generic and vague, and doesn't really capitalize on the commanding nature of the store's name. What is this supposed to be? Fruit?

I'm not WILD about the color palette, but at least it says "fresh" to me.

danatron said...
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