Thursday, September 25, 2008

Superior Monopoly Money

In the wake of this economic crisis, I guess it's natural that our minds have been turning to the contents of our wallets. Everyday, Steve Heller writes a post relevant to design or art, called the Daily Heller, brought to you by Print magazine (if you are interested in having it mailed to you, visit the website here— I personaly love to see it show up in my inbox!) The other morning, he featured examples of emergency money made by the Germans and Austrians during their inflations after WWI. The Notgeld from Germany and the Heller from Austria are examples of the worthless but incredibly beautiful currency created during this period. But as much as I would love to see new money designed for the US (the penny is a nice start), I certainly hope it doesn't come to this! ••••

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Chrissy said...

These are so gorgeous!!