Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Poll


Bret M said...

The new Pepsi logos look too passive. I'm a fan of the concept.. but in the end I wonder if it will impact the brand integrity of Pepsi brand.

It may ultimately just be one of those marketing derived ideas to drum up press attention in the hopes that any press is good press for the brand.

DanaDoesDesign said...

I'm fine with it. It makes them look more modern than they are, but whatev. I am looking forward to seeing POP displays and how they integrate the look with promotions for movies and such, which are usually gaudy.

Sidenote- those bottles are TOTALLY FULL. Reality check!!

oaknd1 said...

I think the Mountain Dew branding is an awful step back, but I really like the subtle elegance of the Pepsi and Diet Pepsi bottles. They look like the branding you'd expect from a trendy night club.

I voted for "yes" because I figured that was 2-1 in favor.

Matt Daniels said...

sorry to be negative and run, but these look like university student mock ups. The Mnt Dew logo is really weak and generic.