Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Calling all 14 year olds...

Its never to early to start thinking about the election 2012. Am I right?! Yes, it's the last thing we all want to think about right now...Unless you are a republican. If the GOP is going to make a comeback, they had better figure how to reach the younger voters. Newsweek's Kurt Soller and Sarah Kliff asked four design firms to give this very large, seemingly impossible task a shot. I've shown three solutions below. (The 4th is an iphone application...not breaking any new ground there.)

Pentagram, New York:

The Groop, Los Angeles

Frog Design, New York

Thoughts? ••••


Robert said...

wow...this is really interesting. at the risk of being unpopular [and wrong?], is it strange that the republican party is trying to rebrand itself as a means of remaining relevant, as if it was just a logo and marketing campaign that won the last election? it wasn't.

that having been said, i really like the "rethink republican" button -- it's clever, it gives a good, change-based message.

Rad said...

hmmm that last one by frog seems to have missed the point on how the GOP should aim at changing the way its perceived.

There is only one person of color in that photo.

The Republican party doesn't have to look like Unicef but maybe it should try to look like America