Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sick of Helvetica Yet?

I've come across quite a few "handmade" typefaces over the past few days, and have been saving them all up for one post! Above, my favorite: an eyelash typeface from Amitis Pahlevan, via Typograph Served. Below, some additional proof that you can make type out of pretty much anything.

From top to bottom: High Heel typeface by design student Zumra Waheed, via Uppercase Journal. Thread typeface via HandMadeFont. Two experiemental typefaces by a rather ambitious designer over at Chris Papsadero is attempting to create a typeface a day for 31 days straight. They are available for download. The first is actually comprised of type boxes which you can fill with your own text. The second is based on Dutch Colonial Architecture. ••••

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