Wednesday, January 27, 2010


What kind of design blog would we be without sharing the latest and greatest Apple creation? Well folks, if you haven't heard already Steve Jobs unveiled the highly anticipated tablet device, the iPad. Ever since the Kindle hit the market, tech geeks have been anxiously awaiting the Apple counterpart sure to blow the Kindle's socks off. So, ok, the announcement wasn't much of a surprise, but did the product live up to all the hype? Personally, I'm a little skeptical. Which is surprising since I recently got an iPhone, and let's be honest, it has revolutionized my life. But I think that's what is causing some of my skepticism – if you have already own a smartphone, why would you want to carry around a Giant iPhone? With laptops getting smaller and lighter, and smartphones getting faster and more efficient, I just don't know if there is a need for an "in-between" gadget. (Keep in mind I have NEVER had any desire to read a book on a screen, so maybe my opinion shouldn't count as much on this topic.) I suppose only time will tell and perhaps this is the future of technology...or perhaps this is just a lot of hype for a passing trend. And p.s. – what is the deal with the name? iPad??? There are too many inappropriate remarks I could make, but for the dignity of our blog I will refrain. ••••

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Sarah Martin said...

True that. I am more excited about jail breaking my iphone this week.