Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crew Made

We're beginning a new series of posts at Crew Design, where we feature small creations that we have made just for kicks. The posts may be about something as minor as a doodle or a snapshot, or they be about larger projects we've devoted time and energy towards. Either way, we hope these short blog posts will help inspire us AND our readers to be creative in ways both big and small.

I'm excited to be the first member to post, and I thought I'd start it off with a little CREW SPIRIT! Recently, I decided to learn how to cross-stitch, and while I originally intended to make an alphabet sampler (see the awesome book I purchased at Michaels above), I thought maybe four letters was a good place to begin. And what better four letters to use than a C-R-E-W! As it turned out, I was lucky that I started off slow. Because I knew nothing and did no research, I thought I could just sew onto any old fabric. So I used linen instead of the gridded fabric, and did all my stitching by sight. If you've ever cross-stitched before you know that this is A) difficult B) stupid and C) going to result in some pretty inconsistent letterforms.

Well, definitely not perfect, but someday I still hope it will hang in Crew Headquarters! ••••


dee said...

I knew this wasn't Sarah's post! Love Mom

Nora Mattern said...

Wow -- can't believe you completed this project since we were there, Tess!

Anonymous said...

As someone who watched you make this, I'm so impressed. I mean really, eye-balling letters?! We'll have to take a trip to the fabric store to get you some real supplies. Nice work.