Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet Me @ the MoMA

When it comes to typographical characters I'd have to say the Ampersand is my favorite. (Yeah, you read that right. Some people have favorite athletes or celebrities...me? I follow, adore and respect typographical symbols. *scary*) So although I fancy the shape of the "&" symbol, the "@" symbol is one of the most widely used characters today. @ is an essential part to every email address, and unless you're still trying to avoid the social media craze, you identify people by their "handle" beginning with, yup, you guessed it, the @ symbol. (@CrewDesign. Follow us.) It seems the @ symbol is more than just a shift+2 these days, it has officially been deemed "art worthy" by being inducted into MoMA's permanent design collection. The New York Times published an interesting article, Why @ Is Held in Such High Regard, questioning the significance of this seemingly insignificant character and ultimately explained how the symbol became a valid contribution to the design world. ••••

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