Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mad Men, Mad Modern

Happy days are here again! Sunday night marked the premiere of the highly anticipated fourth season of Mad Men. Although I swoon over Don, root for Peggy and feel oddly uncomfortable by little Sally, the real excitement for me lies in the visual language of the show. First, let me remind you of my undying love for all things mid-century modern. Second, if I could meet the art director of Mad Men I'd probably go mute and lose the ability to stand on my own two feet. You know, the same way others might react to meeting President Obama. Since I probably won't ever get the chance to meet the creative geniuses of Mad Men, let me express my admiration here. Visually, Season 4 (well, the one episode I've seen) might be the best yet. Bolder colors, new set designs, better hairstyles (ok, mostly this is just directed at Peggy. Let's be honest, she's the Miranda of Mad Men – we love her, she's one of the best characters and yet it has taken FOUR seasons to make her look good. Sorry, perhaps I'm letting my vanity shine through.) I digress.... So yes, last night's premiere did not fail me. In perfect Mad Men form, we were visually brought into the year 1964 with every little detail being spot on. Clean lines, modern furniture and signs of pop art around the office... I loved every second of it. Oh, and I would be a terrible graphic designer if I didn't notice the new SCDP logo in large metal cut outs. Awesome. Buttttt.... one guy took it to a whole new level....click here for an in depth look at the typefaces of Mad Men. (A little crazy, dude, but I appreciate the effort!)

Now isn't it time for my afternoon cocktail and cigarette? ••••


me, evan said...

Hey, someone has got to be the crazy one. But thanks for the shout out.

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