Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mo Fro Yo, please!

Before frozen yogurt shops popped up on every street corner in every city in America, there was really only one that I can think of – TCBY. Yes, The Country's Best Yogurt. Full Fat. Full deliciousness. And fully NOT Pinkberry. For some reason I remember TCBYs being prominent at airports (or maybe that was the only thing my mom could give us to stop our complaining during long layovers). But that was the 80s, times they are a changin' and so must our yogurt! It's safe to say we're in the midst of a yogurt revolution these days (something I'm sure our children's children will be reading in history books decades from now) and the birth child of it all – TCBY – doesn't want to be left behind! They've rebranded and opened up their first new shop in Salt Lake City. This isn't the first time I've blogged about the new yogurt fad and the amazing design that accompanies it. I have no idea who started this colorful and modern yogurt shop trend, but hat's off to you! And good luck to the Country's Best. ••••

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