Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Y

I haven't done a post on a logo redesign in a while, but this one deserves a shout out. The YMCA (yes, the Young Men's Christian Association) has rebranded by Siegel + Gale!

"Although the YMCA has almost universal name recognition and public goodwill, Y-USA’s research revealed that few people understand what the nonprofit stands for and its scope of impact. Working with Siegel+Gale, Y-USA engaged YMCAs across the country to create a consistent, inspirational brand platform to elevate the YMCA’s cause and areas of focus."

In my own humble opinion of someone who took swimming and gymnastic lessons at "the Y" growing up, I love the new playful look of the logo. I think of the YMCA as a place for community,learning, and fun and this new logo succeeds at conveying those ideas. And I LOVE how the logo is now "the Y," does anyone actually call it the YMCA...except for the Village People?

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