Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Naked Siren

To coincide with its 40th anniversary, Starbucks unveiled a new logo today that removes the words encircling its iconic siren. The updated logo will be featured on products starting in March, and the siren will be a bit larger now that the name “Starbucks Coffee” won’t be surrounding it.

According to chief executive officer Howard Schultz, the revised logo reflects the company’s growing emphasis on selling Starbucks-brand products in grocery stores and other channels in addition to its retail stores, as well as its further expansion into offering more non-coffee drinks.

The million dollar question: Is the Starbucks "siren" recognizable enough on its own that the text isn't necessary?

My opinion: I am not a fan of making a change just to make a change. This wasn't a major redesign (thank god), but still a major change from the logo we have all been looking at for 19 years (see Illustrated history). The new logo looks a bit naked now. ••••


Jeff said...

I'm in favor of an occasional update but isn't eliminating text a little smug?

Meghan B said...

Agreed, it's a bit naked for me. I understand product expansion, but I don't see the need to drop "Starbucks Coffee" Who calls it that anyway? The only thing I am thankful for is that they didn't try a new type treatment. That would have been a disaster.
Design for design's sake. No bueno. Could be worse, though!

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