Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Clever Campaign

I came across this clever campaign by the ad agency Lowe Worldwide for laundry detergent. Simple and effective, the box contains a sample of the detergent and is brilliantly wrapped in a plain white t-shirt. When sent through the mail, the shirt inevitably gets dirty, thus the laundry detergent sample is ready to be tested out. Rarely is a direct mailer this well thought out and able to incorporate every element from product to packaging to express the message of the campaign. ••••


Robert said...

THAT IS BRILLIANT. i am obsessed, and honestly, i would buy this detergent based solely on their marketing campaign.

Meghan Colvin said...

ROBERT!Where have you been?! I almost posted a Missing: Our Number One Fan. Fearing that you had turned your back on TCD, I was thrown into a deep depression. I so look forward to your accolades. Thank you for not turning your back on us...your comments keep us going.