Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Type collages— designers have all done them in their college days, to varying degrees of success. In our program, we were given the restriction of using black and white only, and told that color could be added later but the design should not be dependent on it (much like designing a good logo). Well, if you are a designer and want to quickly try your hand at this again (or if you are a non-designer, perhaps for the first time), Print Magazine's latest issue gave me a tip I'll share with you now— visit TypeisArt.com to make your own typography creation without even opening up Illustrator. TypeisArt was created by Silo Design, a Brooklyn-based firm run by a husband and wife team. Designer Susanne Cerha created the lovely archival poster design shown above, illustrating the Parts of the Character— arm, ascender, bowl, serif, shoulder, etc, etc. Her friend Jose Rodriguez took the idea one step further, bringing the activity to the masses with the Flash website that allows users to combine the forms into their own composition, abstract or otherwise. ••••

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