Monday, July 21, 2008

DIGO Brands

Ok, so perhaps I've just been watching too much Mad Men (which next to blogging is my new favorite pastime), but lately I've been captivated by strong advertising campaigns. The work of New York advertising and branding agency DIGO has been my recent obsession. Working to build brands as fast and effectively as possible these "brand advocates" have developed multiple campaigns that represent advertising at it's finest: simple, straight-forward, repetitive and memorable. Here are a couple of my favorites:

The Plaza Hotel - based on the notion that travelers think of The Plaza Hotel as "a dream" rather than just a hotel, or a place to sleep a series of print ads were created. Drawing on the history of the Plaza Hotel and the rich, decadent connotations surrounding it beautiful photography paired with simple taglines help to reinforce the Plaza Hotel brand. (Check out their website to enlarge the images for full representation)
I also love this clever idea uniting Crunch Fitness and JetBlue airlines - The two companies appear to have nothing in common - one being a gym and the other being an airline. However, DIGO was able to use both recognizable brands and unite them in a very interesting way. Again using a simple premise - flying is stressful and exercising relieves stress - they placed Crunch punching bags in airport terminals with a simple message reminding the already stressed out passenger why they might need to let out some steam. They also created airplane yoga cards which are humorous and helpful. ••••


Sarah Martin said...

love the Plaza ads! although I thought they weren't a hotel anymore?!

Sarah said...

Heart Mad Men. Funny that in one ad the patron is smoking. Good luck trying to do that inside now!